The Genocide of the Souls. The Pitesti Experiment.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn

"The most
terrible act
of barbarism
in the modern

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Appeal for the Unearthing of the Truth about the Most Diabolic Invention in History: The Pitesti Experiment
"... and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free." - The Gospel according to John, 8:32

Sorin Iliesiu

Good people,

The twentieth century set several world records for crime and horror: ten million victims in the First World War; fifty-five million victims in the Second World War; ten million people murdered in the name of Nazism; and over one hundred million people murdered in the name of communism. We must make sure that such catastrophes never happen again. The crimes of Nazism have been condemned in a just and exemplary manner. The crimes of communism (that continue to this day, shamefully for the civilized world) have to be condemned in the same way, in order to prevent their repetition. This is only possible if the whole truth is made available. Unbelievable as it may sound, nothing is known about the most diabolic crime of communism: the genocide of souls committed for the purpose of generating "the new human being". more text

Dan Calinescu

Dear friends,

I am appealing to you for your help. You can be instrumental in the creation of an important documentary about THE GENOCIDE OF THE SOULS, also known as The Pitesti Experiment.

The director of the film, Mr. Sorin Iliesiu, started shooting it using his own money, while waiting for financing. Unfortunately, the financing never materialized, because of powerful interests who did not want this film to be made.

Only a very few survivors are still alive; all are willing to testify on camera about their ordeals. more text

Website: Dan Dumitru Calinescu