The Genocide of the Souls. The Pitesti Experiment.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn

"The most
terrible act
of barbarism
in the modern

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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Historien: Pitesti
April 29, 2015 - message sent by Dr René Paquin (Canada)


Merci pour votre travail si important. Je suis au courant de Pitesti depuis ma découverte des livres du regretté pasteur roumain et dissident Richard Wurmbrand, livres que j'ai lus avidement à partir de 1987. Je suis docteur en histoire et enseignant universitaire. Je m'intéresse beaucoup à l'histoire des persécutions communiste, notamment en Roumanie. Je serais ravis de garder le contact avec vous et vous assister dans votre travail de mémoire et d'information. Le gouvernement prévoit construire prochainement un monument national à la mémoire des victimes du communisme. L'expérience de Pitesti devrait y figurer. C'est capital.

Cordialement, Dr. René Paquin.

it should never ever happen again
October 2, 2012 - message sent by wahyu (jogja/indonesia)

are this page still active?how about the project?

--> Dear Mr. Drudi
March 30, 2010 - message sent by Dan Calinescu (Toronto/Canada)

Thank you for the message. I was just quoting Solzhenitsyn, who knows something about human suffering, with no intention to establish hierarchies of horror.

The point I was trying to make: there are things worst than death. At Pitesti, for the first time in modern times, exterminating your enemy - as Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot did - was not enough.

I wonder what I would have done under re-education. We are both lucky we will never found it out.

Health and happiness!

Dan Calinescu, Toronto

"The most terrible act of barbarism in the modern world" Alexander Solzhenitsyn

"Cea mai cumplit? barbarie a lumii contemporane"?
March 29, 2010 - message sent by Alessandro Drudi (N/A)

Doubtlessly horrifying, but frankly I doubt this may have been worse than the Holocaust or Pol Pot s deeds. I fear that overkilling in the description of the horror might weaken the condemnation.

I wish you a lot-lot of stamina for your work...
December 18, 2009 - message sent by Kornel Serfeze (Vojvodina/Serbia)

I heard about the Pitesti - experiment not so long ago, and since then, I seriously reappraised my sights about the monstrousity of the communism, and - first of all - about the FAITH. About MY faith, and about the faith of young men who refused to become torturers. Im a member of the Hungarian minority in Serbia, and I heard stories from old people who were eyewitnesses of the bestiality of partisan (communist) troops who occupied Vojvodina (northern Serbia) after the World War II. Those stories are horrible, and I really know what you feel: we can?t let them to be forgotten.

I can't help you financially (I think you know enough about the financial situation in Serbia), but I must send you this mail, to make You clear: there are lots of people who respect your work, and I really hope that you will get the needed funds to have the movie finished.

I wish You all the best!

I created a Facebook page for the Pitesti Experiement
January 19, 2009 - message sent by Laurel Graham (USA)

Suppport from a Mexican friend of Romania
April 2, 2008 - message sent by Antonio Galaz (Mexico)

I congratulate you for helping these survivors and the film director to make public the horrendous things done by communists which have remained undisclosed for so long.

I hope you are successful in obtaining all the funds necessary to finish the project. I will follow the development of the website.

Website: Dan Dumitru Calinescu